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FMP Demo - Soundscapes from the Cosmos

ORIGINAL SOUND DESIGN. This was an independent project to create an asset pack full of tools to create vintage sci-fi themed ambiences for the Unity Asset Store. This video includes a selection of retro science-fiction video game ambiences, demonstrating the audio Daniel has created.

Abandoned Hospital

ORIGINAL MUSIC, SOUND DESIGN, AND AUDIO IMPLEMENTATION. All additional music and sound design was created and implemented by Daniel as an academic exercise, using Unity and Elias. The visuals and footstep sounds are from the Unity Asset Store.

Dirty Bomb

MUSIC EDITING AND ORIGINAL SOUND DESIGN. This trailer and voiceover lines are used without the permission of Splash Damage. The music is a track called 'Alarm' and is used without the permission of Stratus. The music and sound design were added to the trailer solely as an academic exercise in which the original soundtrack has been replaced.

Super HS2 Destruction

ORIGINAL MUSIC AND SOUND DESIGN. A satirical commentary on the harmful construction of the HS2 project, in the style of the original Super Mario Bros video game. Animation by Akash Samji.

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