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Daniel Capon is a British music composer, sound designer, and audio specialist for visual media.


He offers bespoke and professional audio for every project he undertakes. He currently creates all of the music and sound effects for a game company in London, and audio content for all kinds of audiovisual projects on a freelance basis.


He has an M(Sc) in Music and Sound for Film and Games, and has experience working in Logic Pro X, Reaper, Unity, Unreal Engine, Elias, Godot, and Pro Tools. So far he has collaborated with filmmakers, game developers, fashion designers, illustrators, animators, podcasters, songwriters, and poets - and thoroughly enjoyed working together with them on their projects.


Notably, he was the songwriter and offered sound design advice for the award-winning short film 'Caterpillar' (StudioCanal Film of the Year 2019), and created audio for the carbon-neutral films 'Mar & Cielo' and 'They Shimmer at Night'. He was also shortlisted for the Marvin Hamlisch Film Scoring Contest in 2018; an achievement he hopes to top in the future. His biggest collaborator so far has been National Geographic/Disney, for whom he wrote music and did post-production audio work for a behind-the-scenes feature of their popular documentary series 'Secrets of the Elephants'.

He is a member of the Wildlife Film Network, and aspires to have a role in the making of more nature documentaries in the future, specialising in music and sound. He is currently working closely with Benjamin Ward on his upcoming film 'Birds Beyond Borders'.

He sings and plays the guitar, recorder, and spoons for 'The Jack Tars' and 'The Extraordinary Victorians' (

If you would like to hire Daniel's services for your project, you can reach out to him via the 'contact' tab.

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