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The Time Machine

ORIGINAL MUSIC. This was Daniel's submission for the Marvin Hamlisch Film Scoring Competition in 2018, for which he was shortlisted. The film was a documentary about a watchmaker at Grand Central Station in New York.


ORIGINAL MUSIC. Daniel's score for the short film 'Compliance' - a dystopian infomercial where spouses are selected (and violently enforced) by the government in the year 3511.

Retired Not Expired

ORIGINAL MUSIC. Daniel's score for a film following Desmond, an elderly gentleman who sneaks out of his care home to fulfil a lifelong promise.


ORIGINAL MUSIC AND SOUND DESIGN. These mystical music tracks, ambiences, and sound effects were made for an outdoor game state on a beach, and an indoor game state inside the hut of the protagonist witch, Sappho.

The Alpha

ORIGINAL MUSIC for Killian Wolf, a fashion collection by Brittney Meads.

Favela Feud

ORIGINAL MUSIC. A Brazilian slum witnesses a thrilling chase through its streets.

Glacier Pass

ORIGINAL MUSIC. My submission for the 2018 Grads in Games initiative, run by Aardvark Swift.

Tropical Retreat

ORIGINAL MUSIC. A piece inspired by the Uncharted soundtrack(s). A male and female protagonist are chased through the jungle on a tropical island, until they reach a cliff and are forced to jump to safety.


ORIGINAL MUSIC. A short composition in the style of Steven Price’s 'Air Battle' from the film ‘Fury’.


ORIGINAL MUSIC. A tense battle thousands of feet in the air.

Soundtrack Music Playlist

ORIGINAL MUSIC. A selection of some more of Daniel's previous soundtrack music.

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